The Natureship exhibition at the Roald Dahl Gallery came to a close on the 23rd September and Geraint and I were truly blown away by the
amount of visitors and by the lovely comments received. The exhibition catalogue has been requested numerous times, so we are preparing
the ability to download it over at Natureship HQ and a gallery of the weeks images that were on display will be made available to purchase for
those who couldn't attend. Please pop along to for more info.
We had such a good time that we have already booked again for next year around this time.

The Remembering Wildlife team have announced the latest book in the series, Remembering Great Apes.
Please support this wonderful cause and get yourself a stunning set of books

There is much on the go hence I am so far behind on uploading images. If you have seen anything on Facebook of Instagram lately,
please just get in touch as It's highly unlikely I've uploaded it!